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How billing for mileage works

How mileage works

Every customer has a standard monthly mileage allowance included as part of your Onto subscription. Any mileage you don’t use will roll over to your next month. The rolled-over miles expire 12 months from the date they were allocated. 


You have 750 miles allocated in your first month but you only drive 500. 

In the second month, we’ll add the 250 unused miles to your allowance so you’ll be able to drive up to 1,000 miles in your second month, should you wish.

Do I keep my unused miles if I swap cars?

You can only transfer miles between cars in the same car tier. So, if you swapped from a tier 2 car to a tier 4 car, any miles you had rolled over would not transfer to the new car. However, if you swap back to a tier 2 car within 12 months those miles would be made available to you again.


You have saved up 400 miles in a Peugeot E-208, which is a tier 2 car. You then swap to an Audi E-tron which is a tier 4 car. Your miles wouldn’t transfer across.

However, if you swapped from your Audi E-tron to an ID.3 within 12 months of being in the Peugeot E-208, your saved-up mileage would become available again, because the ID.3 is a tier 2 car which is the same tier you accrued the miles on.

Go here to see which cars are in each car tier.

Miles Overage

Miles overage is the term we use when you drive further than your monthly mileage allowance with Onto. 

If you’re approaching your allocated mileage allowance, we recommend purchasing a bolt-on to ensure you don’t go over. You can do this in your online account. If you’re unable to add additional miles online, we can help you with this. Simply get in touch by calling us or emailing and one of the team will assist you. We charge a per mile cost for any miles over your allowance. The cost differs depending on which car you have. 

You can read more about mileage charges in our blog here 

If you do go over, we will notify you via email using the contact details on your account and then charge you 4 days later. Mileage breakdowns can be found in your “My Account” page. 

Important - Regularly going over your allocated mileage may be seen as a breach of the terms of your agreement with us and may result in account closure.

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