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PCN’s, Speeding tickets and fines

What is a PCN?

A PCN, or Penalty Charge Notice, is a fine or charge issued against a car for breaking rules or regulations.

These can be issued for parking illegally, overstaying in a car park, driving in a bus lane, speeding, and more.

They are issued by Councils, Private Parking Firms and the Police.

What happens when I get a PCN?

When we receive a PCN, we complete a transfer of liability.

A transfer of liability involves supplying your details to the issuing authority so that they can then re-issue the PCN to you (usually by post). When a transfer of liability is completed, the window (usually, 14 days) within which to appeal, contest or pay the reduced fine amount should reset.

Why can’t I have a copy of my speeding ticket?

The letter containing the details of a speeding offence constitutes a legal document, and as such, we’re not able to share it with you directly.

We’re more than happy to supply the details of the offence, as this should assist you with contacting the Police to discuss your next steps, however the NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution)/speeding offence itself must be sent to you directly from the issuing authority.

Why haven’t I heard anything from the issuing authority since you sent your email?

Although we process transfers of liability within 2-3 days of receiving the PCN, we’re not able to affect the speed of administration for issuing authorities.

If you have any queries once we have transferred the liability of the PCN, please use the contact information on the PCN document to get in touch with the issuing authority directly.

If you’re not sure which number to call, you can usually find the necessary information on the relevant website.

Why have you charged a £15.00 admin fee?

We charge an admin fee to cover the cost of the work involved with transferring the liability of the PCN. It is separate from the cost of the PCN itself which will need to be paid to the relevant authority. If you are able to provide evidence that the PCN was successfully appealed then we will reimburse the administration fee, if already charged, or cancel the pending invoice, if not yet charged.

If the PCN has been cancelled, do I still need to pay an admin fee?


If your PCN is cancelled by the issuing authority, please forward any correspondence confirming this to us by email at

Once received, we’ll then be able to waive or refund the admin fee as necessary.

Why have Onto paid the fine without transferring liability?

Some authorities do not allow a transfer of liability to go through. In such instances we are required to pay the fine and then charge your account. We will always notify you prior to doing this.

We understand from time to time people will receive a fine or a parking charge and these are genuine mistakes. However, if you gain multiple PCNs or fines in a short space of time we may review your account and issue a warning or terminate our agreement with you on the grounds of negligence.

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