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Onto - Electric Car Subscription



Bolt-ons are additional products that you can add to your car subscription, such as extra mileage or additional charging providers.

What bolt-ons do Onto offer?

With Onto, you’re able to add the following bolt-ons to your subscription:

  • Extra mileage 

  • Public charging

  • Reduced damage excess 

When do I pay for my bolt-on?

If you purchase a bolt-on of any kind, this will be added to your next month’s subscription price. This means you won’t pay anything immediately.


If you drive an ID.3 family and your renewal date is the 29th of June and you add a bolt-on for 250 miles on the 11th June, the cost of the bolt-on will be added onto your renewal price due on the 29th June. You will see this charge pre-authorised from your payment card 7 days before your renewal date, along with the cost of the upcoming month in your car.

If you’ve chosen to have a recurring bolt-on added every month automatically, you’ll notice both the bolt-on added in June and the bolt-on for July reflected in the amount we pre-authorise from your payment card.

If you already have a bolt-on and require more miles, you can contact our customer service team to top up your mileage further, however this would be charged immediately.

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