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Onto - Electric Car Subscription

Extending your subscription for another month

How does it work?

Onto is a monthly subscription, with a new hire agreement to cover each month of your subscription. You have the option to re-sign every month or to have this rollover without prompting you. 

If you choose the rollover option, you will be able to access the hire agreements in My Account, but you won’t need to keep signing it every month to confirm your subscription.

To enable auto-renewals, navigate to your online account and select “Don’t prompt me”

Signing your agreement

If you choose to be prompted to re-sign, every month we will send you a hire agreement roughly 14 days before your renewal date. This is your contract for the following month. When you receive this, you can either: 

  • Sign the agreement - This will confirm you want to keep the car and pay for another month. We’ll pre-authorise your next payment 7 days before your renewal date. For example, if your car was delivered on the 17th, your renewal will be the 17th so we’ll pre-authorise the payment on the 10th, then take the final payment on the 17th.

  • Book a collection via “arrange a car return” on "My Account"- This will trigger us to book a collection of the car and take the collection fee. You will not have to pay for the next month if you cancel and give us at least 7 days notice.

When you renew, we won’t collect the payment until your renewal date. However, we will pre-authorise the payment 7 days in advance. This means that a temporary hold is placed by Onto on your payment card, which reserves these funds for the renewal payment. 

During the hold period, these funds are not available to you although no money has actually been taken yet, it is simply reserved.. 

On the renewal date we will then collect the funds from your card.

What happens if I don’t sign or pay?

If the contract is NOT signed or payment isn’t made, we will contact you to resolve this. 

If this still isn’t resolved 3 days before your renewal date, we will book a collection and charge you the collection fee before collecting the car on your renewal date. At this point we would not be able to take your renewal payment, as the deadline has passed.

Can I change my payment date?

We appreciate that there will be events outside of your control that may result in your payment date no longer being suitable. To support this, you are able to request a change of your payment date using this request form here. Once completed, this will be passed to our Team to review the request. 

Please note, that to be able to successfully change your payment date, you must not :

  • Have requested a change within the last 3 months
  • Have outstanding debt

Please note, the Team who action these requests are not available at the weekend, so any requests made over Saturday or Sunday will not be picked up until the next working day. 

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