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What are non-fault and fault claims?

Insurance claims are classified as either ‘non-fault’ or ‘at-fault’. 

What is a 'non-fault' claim?

A 'non-fault' claim is a claim where one of the following is true

  • The claim has not led to Onto and/or an insurer acting on Onto's behalf making any payments.
  • All payments made by Onto and/or an insurer acting on Onto's behalf have been recovered from a third party and/or their insurer.

Therefore if you're in a vehicle collision and the other driver accepts the blame, and their insurer pays out for any damage, it is a 'non-fault' claim.

What is a 'fault' claim?

Any other claim on our car insurance is a 'fault' claim, meaning that our insurer has had to pay out on it. 

Please note that a 'fault' claim and actually being to blame aren't the same thing; your vehicle could be damaged in a way outside your control, but if our insurer has to pay out, it is still a 'fault' claim.

That means the following are not sufficient reasons for a claim to be 'non-fault':

  • The claim is not caused by you or your actions.
  • You feel (rightly or wrongly) the claim was unavoidable. For example, if another car hits your vehicle while it's parked on the street, and the other driver drives off without leaving their details, your claim would be a 'fault' claim.
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