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How did we calculate our Under the hood 2022 recap?

These statistics are calculated with data taken from 1st January 2022 to December 1st 2022. Subscribers who currently have a car, and have driven more than 300 miles will receive their personalised recap. Everyone else will receive the Community recap.


  • Length of UK: The distance from Great Britain’s northernmost point in Dunnet Head, Scotland, to Lizard Point, its southernmost point, is 600 miles. It is an 823-mile drive. Source 

  • CO2 emissions: 2022 Average ICE Vehicle CO2g/km - 170g/km - Source 

  • Fuel cost: Average ICE Fuel Cost 15p/mile - Source

  • Coffee cost: Average Costa Coffee price of £3.35 - Source


Please note that in unlikely event you think you should have received a personalised recap but didn’t, it would be cause by discrepancies in our recap data out of our control and we apologies for it.

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