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Earning 2500 Rewards points after 6 months

We love to recognise and reward our most loyal customers. So if you’re a member of Onto Rewards and have been an active subscriber with us for 6 consecutive months, we’ll treat you to a 4000 points bonus. 

As you earn £1 of rewards for every 50 points you collect, this bonus will earn you a massive £80 of rewards. 

Using your points bonus

You can use your points to pay towards the cost of a mileage bolt-on, damage excess bolt-on, swapping your car and having additional drivers. 

Simply visit the Rewards section of My Account to see how many points you’ve earned and to choose what you want to use them to pay for. 

To find out more, you might like to read our article about earning and using points with Onto Rewards.

Not signed up for Rewards yet?

It doesn’t take a moment to join our Rewards programme. If you need a hand, here’s our helpful article on how to sign up.

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