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Onto - Electric Car Subscription

Can you give Rewards points to someone else?

If you’ve opted into Onto Rewards, every subscription payment and bolt-on payment that you make earns you points. You can use the points to fully or partly cover the cost of adding bolt-ons and named drivers, as well as swapping cars.

Please note that the Rewards points you earn can only be used by you:

  • You can’t transfer your points to someone else. 
  • You can’t redeem your points for cash at any point.

Not signed up for Rewards yet?

It doesn’t take a moment to join our Rewards programme. If you need a hand, here’s our helpful article on how to sign up.

For more help and information

If you need any support with Onto Rewards, you can read our terms and conditions or contact us at – we’ll be happy to help!

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