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Referral code isn't working

When you use a referral code successfully, you and a friend will both enjoy a £100 discount.

If you’re having difficulties getting your referral code to work, there are a few things worth checking. 

Just note that in this article we refer to the 'referrer' and 'referee':

  • The 'referrer' is the person who’s doing the referring.
  • The 'referee' is the person who’s receiving the referral.

Why isn’t the code working?

  1. Make sure the code has been entered correctly by the referee. Note that the code is case sensitive.  
  2. The code needs to be used during the sign-up process. If the referrer or the referee gives us the code after registering, we cannot accept it and the discount won’t apply.
  3. The referrer must have an active Onto car booking for their code to work. 
  4. The referral code might actually have worked, but the discounts aren't always applied immediately – as we explain below.

When is the discount applied?

Referee discount - The discount will be applied to the referee’s first payment if they’ve passed our approval process. If they haven’t passed yet, it will be applied to the referee’s next payment once they have passed. 

Referrer discount - Once the referee’s discount has been applied successfully (as we explain above), the referrer’s discount will be applied to their next payment.

For more details, you can read our referral terms and conditions.

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