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Onto - Electric Car Subscription

Paying for your first car

Paying for your first car

This page will tell you about all costs associated with your first Onto car

How much do you charge for deliveries and collections?

When you book a car with us, your first delivery will cost £129.50 and the collection fee (if you end your subscription) will be the same. The fee for swapping a car (including the delivery of a new car and the collection of the previous one) is £79.50

How do I pay for my new car?

When you subscribe with Onto, we take payment for the first month upfront to get your car booked in. 

When you book your car, you’ll need to sign your hire agreement in the online checkout to start the subscription, then we will take payment and process your car delivery. We’ll also email you a copy of your hire agreement before we deliver your car.

Depending on when you book your car, one of two things will happen:

  • Scenario 1: Delivery is less than 2 weeks away - We will take full payment of the monthly subscription cost plus your delivery fee in one go when you book.

  • Scenario 2: Delivery is MORE than 2 weeks away - We will take 50% of the monthly subscription cost and your delivery fee straight away. The other 50% of the car will then be payable 7 days before the car delivery date.


    If you book a Vauxhall Corsa at £509 per month on the 1st of the month for delivery on the 25th.As this is over 2 weeks away, on the day you book we will charge you £384 (50% off the car which is £254.50 PLUS the £129.50 delivery fee)
    Then on or after the 18th (7 days before delivery), we will charge you the other 50% of the car which is £254.50. 

    Total cost is £638.50 (Including delivery)

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