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Onto - Electric Car Subscription

How do I swap my Onto car?

To swap to a different car, simply login, go to our cars page, select the model you want to swap to and click ‘Swap my car’. This will allow you to check availability to your postcode and book in your swap.

If you are booking a swap in less than 14 days’ time, you’ll have to pay the swap subscription amount up front. If your swap is more than 14 days’ away, you’ll only have to pay 50% of your swap subscription cost up front. You always need to pay for the swap fee (£79.50) up front.

Also, if your swap date is before your existing renewal date, anything left on your current car will count as credit towards the new car’s cost. If it’s after your renewal date, then you’ll need to pay a separate invoice for the extra time in your current car. For example, if your renewal date is on the 20th and your swap date is on the 24th, you’ll pay for those 4 extra days on the old car.

Learn more about swapping by reading our blog post.

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