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Receiving two hire agreements when swapping a car

If you’ve chosen to swap your car, you might receive two hire agreements from us. 

  • This happens when the scheduled swap date is after the scheduled end date of your current subscription. 
  • One hire agreement will cover the cost of your current car for the period until it’s returned.
  • The other hire agreement will cover the cost of your new car for the period after it’s delivered. 

It’s important you sign both hire agreements

For the car swap to happen successfully and seamlessly, you’ll need to sign both of the hire agreements. There are two important reasons for this: 

Safety - Signing both hire agreements means there’s full coverage of your current car (insurance and breakdown) until your new car arrives.

Contract - Not signing both hire agreements and/or failure to pay could lead to the cancellation of your subscription and collection of your car – as per our terms and conditions

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