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Onto - Electric Car Subscription

Speeding penalties

If you’re caught speeding while driving an Onto car, it’s likely we’ll be notified by the police. We’ll then share your name and address with the police, who will send you the following:

  • Notice of intended prosecution
  • Section 172 notice

What happens next?

It’s important you don’t ignore the Section 172 notice, otherwise you may have to go to court.

You’ll be asked to return the Section 172 notice within 28 days, informing the police who was driving the car. Once the police have received this, you’ll be sent either a:

  • Fixed Penalty Notice
  • Letter asking you to go to court

For more information about speeding penalties, we recommend you read this article.

We charge an admin fee

Please note that we'll charge you a £15 fee when we receive the speeding notification from the police. This covers the cost of admin and correspondence.

Onto eligibility

If you are convicted of an offence or receive a number of points that will exclude you from our eligibility and qualification criteria, sadly we will have to take steps to terminate your contract with us.

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