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Onto - Electric Car Subscription

Tracking your car on delivery day

You can start tracking your car’s location on delivery day, usually from around 9am.

How to track your car

  1. Download and open the Onto app.
  2. Activate the digital key by clicking the key icon.
  3. Click ‘Car location’ to follow your delivery driver’s progress.
  4. Sometimes the driver will take a quick detour to charge and wash the car before they deliver it to you. 

Need some help using our app? Watch this quick guide with everything you need to know.

Not sure where your delivery is?

We use delivery partners to get your car to you. They should provide you with the status and expected timing of your delivery on the day it’s scheduled. 

Deliveries are made between 9am and 5pm. So even if it’s the middle of the afternoon, hold tight and your delivery will hopefully be with you soon. 

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