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Onto - Electric Car Subscription

Charging your car at home

It’s easy to charge your Onto car at home.

In fact about 80 to 90% of all electric car charging takes place at home. Just note that off-street parking is advised, to avoid the hazard of people tripping over the wiring.

  • All our electric cars come with a standard three-pin domestic charger, which is portable and easy to use. 
  • Simply plug the three-pin to a standard socket inside your house and the Type 2 plug  into your car.
  • We recommend you don’t use extension cables when charging your car. This is because they can cause surges that could lead to battery damage or cable/home electrics damage

For faster home charging, you might want to install a home charging station (also known as Electric Vehicle Service Equipment or EVSE). You can find out more in our blog: How to charge an electric car.

With Onto, you can also get a discounted home charger with PodPoint. Learn more here >

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