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Impact of cold weather on range

Cold weather can affect all types of vehicles, including electric cars.

One thing that happens when the temperature drops is that your battery won’t perform as well. This can have an impact on its range.

New to electric cars? ‘Range’ means the distance an electric car can travel before the battery needs recharging. 

How much can range decrease in winter?

During the coldest months, you can experience a 20–30% reduction in total range. It’s important you bear this in mind when you’re planning journeys. 

Having the heating on in your car can also use up battery power and affect the range. So we recommend you don’t have the temperature turned up too high. If your car has heated seats and a heated steering wheel, it’s better to rely on these features because they consume less electricity. 

5 tips to help your range in winter 

  1. Maintain a full charge - If you have a home charger, keep your car plugged in as much as possible to ensure the battery is fully charged.
  2. Heat up before you go - Some electric cars have a pre-conditioning feature, which allows you to heat or cool the inside of your car before journeys. Just remember to charge the car while you’re warming it up. 
  3. Limit your engine power - If your car has an Eco Mode, turn it on and you’ll save energy by limiting your engine power. This mode is ideal for short daily trips, which don’t require too much power.
  4. Reduce your speed - As well as conserving your energy, you’ll be safer on wet and icy roads which can be a problem in winter.
  5. Check your tyre pressure - Cold weather can cause tyre pressure to drop, leading to increased rolling resistance and reduced range.
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