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Getting your vehicle registration document (V5C)

The vehicle registration document (V5C) contains lots of important information about a car including its manufacturer, colour, engine size, road tax details and the date it was first registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). 

If you’re applying for a parking permit from your local council, you might need to provide them with a copy of your car’s V5C. 

How to get a copy of your V5C

We can provide you with a copy of your V5C as well as a letter to prove the car is on hire to you from us. Please contact our Customer Service team by emailing or calling 03450 348 647. We’ll be happy to help!

Just note that the car needs to have been delivered to you before you can apply for a permit.

Need a parking permit urgently?

If you’re in a rush, we recommend you apply for a temporary parking permit. If you then require something more permanent, you can request the V5C from us at a later date.

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