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Onto - Electric Car Subscription

Finding an available car

It's quick and simple to look for available cars.

  1. Go to our Cars page.
  2. Enter your postcode to see the cars available in your area.
  3. Select a model and click the ‘Let’s go’ button.

If your model is available 

Good news! All you need to do is select a delivery date, select a car colour, then click the ‘Continue’ button – as shown below.

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 11.39.54.png

If your model isn’t available

We’re sorry if the car you want isn’t available right now. We regularly add new cars to our website. So if you’d like to know when this model is available again, just follow these steps: 

  1. Enter your email address (as shown below).
  2. Click the ‘Notify me’ button. 
  3. We’ll get in touch when this model or similar cars become available.

Can't see a ‘Notify me’ option? That's because the model won't be available again in the near future.

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 11.54.59.png

Choosing another model

Keen to get an electric car from Onto sooner? Simply return to our Cars page and look at the other models we have available. Hopefully you’ll find something that’s right for you!

Car availability at the moment 

We're sorry if the car you want isn't available right now. At the moment, the availability of new cars in the UK is being affected by the global shortage of computer chips. The chips are an important part of car production, so their shortage has made it difficult for manufacturers to maintain production levels. Rest assured we're doing everything we can to bring you the cars you want as soon as possible.

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